Types of References

  1. We continuously update our database. Please contact me to suggest new references, or suggest an edit to an existing reference.
  2. References are classified by different taxonomies (e.g. constructs, authors, journals). The description below explains in simple words how taxonomies relate to one another.

References are academic contributions that authors use in their research. References are grouped into two main types: papers and methods. Authors use methods to manipulate or measure constructs. Authors publish their theories and empirical results as papers in journals.

Academic Papers

  • Research Papers: This section contains papers which report original research studies. The research papers which can be access here include online, lab-based, and field experiments, correlational research, and the use of archival data.  
  • Review Papers: This section contains papers which critically analyze and review existing literature on various topics in the field. The review papers which can be accessed here include theoretical papers, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. 

Research Methods