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Recent Issues

How to Say No and Not Feel Bad About It

Someone at work is asking you for something. You want to say no, but you can’t seem to get the word out. A million thoughts

Salary Negotiation: How to Prepare Like a Pro

If salary negotiations make you nervous, you are not alone. In a recent study I ran, most working adults accept job offers without negotiating them.

3 Cognitive Biases That Make You Negotiate Irrationally

We humans are irrational decision-makers but in a predictable way. Cognitive biases are the equivalent of funhouse mirrors; they distort your perception of reality. For

What is Negotiation? 3 Things You Need to Know

What does negotiation mean to you? Arguing with your counterpart? Haggling for the best price possible? Meeting in the middle? The way you mentally represent

How to Negotiate Anything in 3 Simple Steps

Imagine that you purchased a new laptop. You are meeting an interested buyer later today to sell your old one. You want to make a

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