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Recent Issues

Lying in Negotiations: 3 Reasons Why It Does Not Work Every year, several students ask me if it’s OK for them to lie in a negotiation. Some believe lying will give them an edge, while

Dealing With Aggression: 3 Experts Share Their Best Tips

Not everyone comes to the negotiation table focused on being constructive, and creative value. Your are bound to encounter negotiators who behave aggressively towards you.

Negotiating Your First Job: 5 Experts Share Their Best Tips

Every year in my Organizational Behavior class, I run a job offer negotiation simulation where students play the role of either a candidate or a

De-Escalating Conflicts: 5 Experts Share Their Best Tips

In a 1997 article published in the Harvard Business Review, Eisenhardt, Kahwajy and Bourgeois argue that the absence of conflict within work teams is not

Negotiating Job Offers: 5 Experts Share Their Best Tips

Negotiating a job offer can be a scary thing. In a recent survey I ran, 6 out of 10 working adults reported they had not

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