Master Negotiators Contest: Fall 2021 Winners Announced We are reaching the end of the Fall 2021 semester, and I am saying goodbye to 80 amazing McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management students.

I revealed this week the results of the Master Negotiators Contest (MNC), a semester-long negotiation competition that I run among all of my students.

The idea behind the contest is simple. Students compete in groups and perform real-life negotiations outside of class, for real money. Negotiations are vetted by my amazing TA, Julia Cerone.

Groups can win the contest in one of two categories: (1) the highest number of negotiations, or (2) the highest return on negotiations. Winners get extra points on their final grade, so things get pretty competitive.

You can learn more about the MNC here:

Something pretty amazing happened this year. In each of my classes, one group won both categories. It is the first time this happens since I started the MNC five years ago, and it’s quite the achievement.

I thought that today, I’d celebrate the winning students in each of my sections.

The MNC Fall 2021 winners in section 1 are:
Lea Akl
Jordan Athaide
Matthew Gibson
Rebecca Welden

The MNC Fall 2021 winners in section 2 are:
Chaya Tabac
Anne Khazzam
Radia El Amrani
Kenza Addou
Andrei Adam

Please join me in congratulating them for this amazing achievement. They have run dozens of successful negotiations outside of class, and save / made thousands of dollars in the process.

I also want to congratulate all of my students for participating in the competition. It’s not easy to go out in the world and practice skills you recently acquired. Kudos to them.

I always get a little sad when a semester ends. I get so used to seeing the same people every week, it’s difficult to say goodbye sometimes. I’ll miss you guys.