Master Negotiators Lab The Lab is a safe space for your to practice your negotiation skills.

  • Who? Anyone interested in negotiation
  • What? Negotiation simulations & Guest speakers
  • When? Every Friday from 4:00 – 5:30 PM Eastern during the academic year
  • Where? On Zoom (and sometimes in person)
  • Why? To practice your negotiation skills

Recent News

Settle Before the Bell: MBA vs. MBA & Guest Speaker Announcement This Friday, we are introducing a new event series: Settle Before the Bell. Two teams will work on reaching a settlement before the time expires. 

Office Rental: Join this Friday’s Simulation & Guest Speaker Announcement

This week, we are running an exciting new simulation: Office Rental. You will play the role of a landlord, or a potential tenant, and your

Philip Brown: How to Approach Negotiations With the Right Mindset

The podcast is a segment of the Master Negotiators Lab, a weekly meeting to practice your negotiation skills. Our host, Shahriar Asadi interviews top negotiation experts and

The Vikings: Join this Friday's Simulation & Guest Speaker Announcement

This Friday, I am running an exciting simulation at the Lab: The Vikings.Leaders of Icelandic Viking tribes will negotiate the distribution of treasures recently obtained

Master Negotiators: Register for Lab Meeting With Guest Erin Gleason Alavarez

This Friday, we have the privilege of hosting Erin Gleason Alvarez as a guest. Erin is an independent arbitrator, mediator and negotiation consultant. We will

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