http://wargereavy.com/category/general-wea/ I have been teaching negotiation classes in McGill’s BCom and MBA programs since 2017. Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of our students strengthen their negotiation skills. I have learned a great deal about the difficulties most people have when it comes to negotiation, and what methods work the best to overcome these challenges.

buy provigil fast The main purpose of Master Negotiators is to give people practical opportunities to negotiate better lives from themselves. I strongly believe that absolutely everyone can become a good negotiator. It’s all about the right mindset, using the right approach, and always focusing on building stronger relationships with others.


Sahiwal I lead several initiatives under the umbrella of Master Negotiators:

  • Newsletter: Practical information to help you improve your negotiation skills
  • Competition: Semester-long negotiation challenge that I run in all my classes.

Media Coverage

Below are recent media appearances related to Master Negotiators. You can read more about my media appearances here.

Level Up: The Future of Work

Webinar for McGill University on Negotiation, Remote Work. The interview was in English and released in .