Should We Work Four Days a Week?

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Should We Work Four Days a Week? I advise many students on their job offer negotiations, and I have noticed a very interesting pattern. More and more young grads don’t negotiate on salary anymore, they negotiate their hours.

This is a smart strategy if you get hired by a small firm that’s flexible on hours but has limited funding. I have seen students negotiate to work four-days a week and dedicate one-day a week to personal learning.

From a productivity standpoint, this makes a lot of sense. The countries that work the least number of hours per week also have the highest hourly productivity. Employees have better mental health, richer personal lives, and can be more productive when they’re at work.

I was recently invited on Global News 640 Toronto to discuss the idea of a four-day workweek in Canada. They posted the entire show on their podcast, which you can find here:

Podcast episode:

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