About Distances in Organizations

http://jamarley.com/jamarleybooksblog/tag/story-teller Distances in Organizations (DIO) is a research network of behavioral scientists who study distances and construal levels in organizational contexts. .

Conceptual Scope

  • Spatial distances: distributed teams, telework, mobile work
  • Temporal distances: goal setting, temporal horizons, change
  • Social distances: power, diversity, social networks
  • Construal levels: conceptualization, social consequences, measurement


  • Annual Workshops: We hold our annual workshop every May, to disseminate our ideas and create new research partnerships.
  • Reference Database: We catalog all publications relevant to DIO research, in an effort to facilitate access to research findings and methods.
  • Newsletter: We send regular updates to inform our network of recently published papers and future events.

Oversight Committee

http://gwadarcentral.com/uploads/toppage/help_news_77ja.pdf The role of our Oversight Committee is to provide guidance on the strategic directions that our network will be pursuing going forward.

  • Jean-Nicolas Reyt, McGill University (Chair)
  • Yaacov Trope, New York University
  • Batia Wiesenfeld, New York University
  • Nira Liberman, Tel Aviv University
  • Cheryl Wakslak, University of Southern California
  • Kentaro Fujita, Ohio State University