Master Negotiators Competition

The Master Negotiators Competition (MNC) is a semester-long challenge during which students compete in teams to complete the most real-life negotiations. The main purpose of the MNC is to provide an incentive to participants to practice their negotiation skills outside the classroom.

Once the semester is over, members of the wining team(s) receive a surprise gift, the title of Master Negotiator, extra credit, and are indicted in the MNC Hall of Fame.

Competition Rules

The rules below are subject to change throughout the semester to ensure the fairness of the competition.

  1. Participants compete in teams of 3 or 4 members, and negotiate throughout the semester deals in their personal lives involving real money.
  2. Teams compete in two categories: 
    • Number of Negotiations: The total number of negotiations.
    • Return on Negotiations: The amount of money gained and saved via negotiation, capped to 500 CAD per negotiation:
      • As a buyer: the savings incurred.
      • As a seller: the difference between the amount sold for and the average market selling price for the good or service.
  3. Only negotiations involving money can count towards a team’s score.
    • Negotiations are not just purchases or sales; negotiation must be involved.
    • Receiving something for free without proof of negotiation does not count. 
  4. For a negotiation to count towards a team’s score, participants are required to provide documentation to the TA.
    • Proof of negotiation between buyer and seller (e.g. texts, e-mails, contract) 
    • Proof of amount saved or gained (e.g. receipts, bills, credit card statements)
  5. If a negotiation provides a repeated benefit (e.g. increase is monthly salary), the RON will count for 3 months, for a maximum of 500CAD.
  6. Teams’ scores for each category are averaged by the number of members in the team. Tallies are released on a weekly basis. 

Past Results

I have run the MNC in all of my Negotiation classes since 2017.

YearCourseEnrollmentNumber of NegotiationsReturn on Negotiations
∑ = 206∑ = 610∑ = 73.286

Hall of Fame