Hi, I’m JN!

I am an Assistant Professor of Management at McGill University.

My research focuses on the future of work. I teach Negotiation and Organizational Behavior classes.

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Opinion Pieces

Coronavirus: How the World of Work May Change Forever

Description for this block. Even as modern organisations are challenged by attracting…

What Canada’s top CEOs think about remote work

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, millions of Canadians switched from working…

Remote Work Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic: 3 Solutions
Remote Work Amid the Pandemic: 3 Solutions

As part of the fight against COVID-19, Canada is urging employees at all work sites …

Academic Projects

Distances in Organizations

Distances in

DIO is a network of behavioral scientists. We hold a paper development workshop every year in May. 

Master Negotiator Competition

Master Negotiator

Students compete in teams and perform real-life negotiations to obtain the title of Master Negotiator.

C-Pulse Analytics Text Mining

C-Pulse Analytics
Text Mining

I analyze the language CEOs use in quarterly earning calls with investors and analysts.